Pepsi in gas tank?

Wilson Heaney asked a question: Pepsi in gas tank?
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Video answer: What happens when you pour coca-cola into your fuel tank?

What happens when you pour coca-cola into your fuel tank?

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The sugar in the soft drink may cause you to replace your fuel filters, because the sugar will melt onto the filter when the car runs. Your car will still run, but will not work optimally with clogged filters.

Video answer: What happens if you fill up a car with coca-cola?

What happens if you fill up a car with coca-cola?

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pepsi would be heavier than gasoline, thereby sitting at the bottom of the tank and staying there. gas is pulled more or less from the bottom of the tank. what's ole snopes have to say about straight pepsi being pulled into and through an engine? even if replacing the injectors is all it took (somehow i think your plugs would short and have to be replaced along with wires), injectors get kinda expensive when you have to replace every one "a few times".

The fuel injection pump delivers 30 to 35 PSI to the fuel injectors and what is not used and sprayed into the engine is returned to the fuel tank by a fuel return line. The fuel is constantly moving through the lines to the engine and back to the fuel tank.

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It depends on how much gas and what you mean by bad. If you have very little fuel in the tank and you mean it is just old gas, then pour in a can of Seafoam or Techron fuel treatment. If you think ...

now pepsi, i would doubt would harm the engine unless you ran a large amount in proprortion to the gas. even with sugar water, not much happens. if any sugars did get into the combustion chambers, the amount would be so small they would basically burn up into carbon and be flushed out the exhaust. they wouldn't caramelize and seize the engine. caramelizing sugar to the gooey thick consistency ...

Ask a mechanic to drain your gas tank and your engine of water if you have too much soft drink in the system. He will also change the fuel filter at this time, especially if you tell him a beverage is running through your engine. If you have expansive knowledge of car engines, you could detach the fuel line yourself and drain the engine.

6. Urine in Gas Tank. Urine in a gas tank depends on how much urine in the gas tank. A small amount of urine in a gas tank is not going to damage anything. The small amount of urine is like pouring a glass of water. But huge amounts of urine obviously bad for gas tanks. This is funny. Right, Basically anything other than gasoline.

Would partially run using pepsi bottle with gas slowly poured into carb. Took off carb, soaked it in hot water and other things more volitile. Carb kit, and cleaned fuel pump and drained gas tank. Got it running and used probably 40 gas line filters to keep stuff from getting to carb, or so I thought.

Depending on the source, some say that sugar in a gas tank will not cause any engine problems. Others say you'll need to replace the engine. That is quite a difference of opinion. I guess a why would be in order! Apparently since sugar will not dissolve in gas, the sugar will simply plug up the fuel filters. However, once the sugar has dissolved in water (condensation in the tank) or it is ...

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