Peoples natural gas meter reading?

Genesis Vandervort asked a question: Peoples natural gas meter reading?
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  • Peoples Gas uses an automatic meter reading device in most of the communities we serve. The reading is transmitted via radio to a Peoples Gas van, without us having to enter your home. This helps provide your with accurate billing, and significantly reduces estimated readings.

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Submit your reading online through Peoples e-Account. Call in your reading to our Customer Service Center at 1-800-764-0111. Schedule a visit with a Peoples service technician. Make sure you ask to see Company ID!

What is the meter reading for this imaginary gas meter? Source: Peoples Gas. Going from right to left, we get 83849. As far as entering that into our meter reading, either online or via telephone, we must swap the order and our final meter reading becomes 94838. Some may get confused with the second dial from the right.

Your gas meter is mounted outside your home near your gas pipes. It reads how much natural gas your household uses. Knowing how to read your gas meter helps you understand how much gas you’re using and allows you to make sure the gas company is charging you for the right amount of gas.

Natural gas meter reading – Nedgia | Clientes gas natural Download the free YoLeoGas app on your phone and send us your meter reading… Por favor, antes de enviar los datos, confirme que la lectura mostrada es ... as a preventative measure, it is not permitted to collect meter reading information ...

In 2016, Peoples began installing Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices on Peoples gas meters. An AMR device uses radio technology to get a reading from your gas meter without a person having to physically look at the meter.

Reading your natural gas meter is easy. The dials look like little clocks and alternately run counterclockwise and clockwise. Start from the left. If the hand on the dial points between two numbers, enter the lower number, unless the hand is between 9 and 0, in which case use the 9. The reading in the example below is 4869: Automatic meter reading

This enables us to securely record meter readings through radio waves from inside vehicles that regularly pass by on the street. However, Peoples Gas occasionally still needs physical access to customer meters to handle things like off-cycle meter reads, testing natural gas equipment and performing maintenance, if required.

your present reading. Reading an AMR Meter Many natural gas customers have meters that can be read automatically from a distance by the utility. These AMR or automated meter reading meters use electronic reading technology (ERT) and display the usage numbers like an odometer. Your consumption

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