On electric cars where does cabin heat come from?

Emil Dibbert asked a question: On electric cars where does cabin heat come from?
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  • Both units work by moving warm air from one place to another. The refrigerator takes warm air and pumps it out of the refrigerator and into its surroundings. The heat pump on your electric car takes warm air generated in the system and pumps it into the cabin to warm you and your passengers.

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Given that resistors convert electricity into heat, this can be used to heat the cabin of the car by blowing air through the heated component, the heat will be transferred by the process called convection, where heat from the source is conveyed by the air blown through it.

The ingenious part is that the motor/electronics loop can communicate with the cabin heating loop via some flow control valves. With the two loops connected, waste heat from the motor and electronics can be used to heat the cabin with the resistive heating element used as a second source of heat,” the report said.

They suffer from too much of a good thing, namely energy efficiency. Whereas more than 75 percent of the energy in fuel for an internal-combustion engine is wasted in billowing clouds of heat ...

Electric cars help dramatically lower the carbon footprint of passenger vehicles, just as electric heat pumps replace the fossil fuels used to heat our homes; this is why we’re helping people to make the switch to both. But there’s an overlap between these two technologies that we find interesting and important.

Resistance heaters producing the usual vent output to the cabin, or for some cars a heat-pump function using the air conditioner to produce heat inside the car, rather than taking it out of it as it does when cooling the car.

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