Natural gas trash trucks?

Gay Batz asked a question: Natural gas trash trucks?
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Video answer: Company's entire fleet of garbage trucks running on natural gas

Company's entire fleet of garbage trucks running on natural gas

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  • Currently, 25 to 30 percent of all New Way garbage trucks—such as our Sidewinder XTR™ and ROTO PAC® — are built to be fueled with compressed natural gas ( CNG ). In larger municipalities, it’s not uncommon for up to 80 percent of the fleet to be CNG garbage trucks.

Video answer: Ifd responds after trash truck's natural gas tanks explode

Ifd responds after trash truck's natural gas tanks explode

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All our CNG systems are designed and built in-house at our Fort Payne, AL facility for seamless integration with the garbage truck body and chassis you select. We also have a dedicated CNG fueling station at the facility, which enables your new Heil CNG trash truck to be driven directly to your location when intermediate fueling stations are available en route, minimizing shipping costs and delivery lead time.

An analysis reveals natural gas refuse truck investments clear New Jersey air and decarbonize trash collection operations more dramatically and cost effectively. Photo: NGVAmerica NGVAmerica released a study at its Annual Industry Summit presenting a compelling case for why communities should continue to invest in new near-zero natural gas technology.

Republic Services provides waste and recycling services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers in 40 states and Puerto Rico. The company has established a goal to have 3,100 trucks nationwide running on natural gas or other alternative fuels by the end of 2015. For the past 30 years, Republic Services has

Caught on Camera: Natural-gas powered garbage truck explodes. A frightening scene was caught on camera Tuesday after a natural-gas powered garbage truck began smoldering on a suburban New Jersey ...

CNG is natural gas or biogas compressed to a high pressure and stored in tanks in the truck. Our CNG-powered trucks offer enough power, torque and range to handle demanding delivery transport and waste collection. When using compressed biogas, the CO 2 emissions are reduced by up to 70%**.

That is the number one value proposition of purchasing natural gas trucks. Unlike diesel, the cost of natural gas fuel has stayed low – about $1.50 -$2.00 per diesel gallon equivalent cheaper than diesel – and relatively stable. This is especially beneficial for fleets that run a lot of miles (80,000-120,000 miles per year is the sweet spot).

On Tuesday, Houston-based Waste Management Inc. will add its 1,000th truck fueled with natural gas. Powered with captured and converted methane gas from the company's Altamont, Calif., landfill, the new truck will service Long Beach, picking up recyclables. North America's largest waste services company, Waste Management operates almost 300 landfills and runs 22,000 big trucks daily, 720 of which are in Southern California.

Bison went with model 386 Peterbilt's and Westport's 15L GX. In general, there are some particular nuances with natural gas trucks, Fridfinnson cautioned. But the big nuance? 9. "You need more ...

To meet emission reduction regulations, diesel trucks require complex exhaust and filtration systems that need an increasing amount of maintenance the longer the vehicles run. Because natural gas is a cleaner fuel, NGVs do not require diesel particulate filters (DPF), DPF regeneration or waste, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or diesel emission fluid (DEF).

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Matt gregory on recycling truck's fuel tank sparks huge fire