Methane to electricity conversion?

Ora Runolfsson asked a question: Methane to electricity conversion?
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  • Researchers have created a microbial fuel cell that can convert methane directly to electricity. The fuel cell could help to solve the problem of moving methane from place to place. Transporting methane from gas wellheads to market provides multiple opportunities for this greenhouse gas to leak into the atmosphere.

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Therefore, processes to convert methane biologically to electricity at the source, if developed, could reduce leaks (from distribution, transportation and storage) and capital cost. Furthermore,...

Researchers at Penn State have engineered a strain of bacteria that is the key to converting methane to electricity. The researchers' goal was to eliminate the need to transport methane from wellheads to market.

But recently they have generated something else: electricity. The farm is part of a growing alternative energy program that converts the methane gas from cow manure into electricity that is sold to...

Conversion Factor for Carbon Sequestered by 1 Acre of Forest Preserved from Conversion to Cropland Note: Due to rounding, performing the calculations given in the equations below may not return the exact results shown.-39.89 2

However, due to conversion losses, 1m³ of biogas can be converted only to around 1.7 kWhel. Bigger biogas plants are generally more cost-efficient than smaller ones. However, electricity generation from biogas is a technology

The modular, distributed creation of renewable electricity and green hydrogen for renewable methane allows power fuels to be produced as close as possible to where they’re needed, minimising risk of methane leaks while replacing fossil fuel natural gas. With this – and the chance to use waste CO2 and curtailed green power where it arises ...

• Up to 75% conversion of organic fraction into biogas • It has a methane content of 50-60% (but will depend on substrate) • Biogas typically has a thermal value of about 22 MJ m-3 • The thermal value of methane is 36 MJ m-3

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