Lpg natural gas regulators?

Cora Williamson asked a question: Lpg natural gas regulators?
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How does a natural gas regulator work

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The primary function of an LPG gas regulator is to reduce the temperature dependent LPG gas bottle pressure from 400-1200kPa down to the required 2.75kPa operating pressure for the gas appliances. Gas bottle pressure varies with temperature but the LPG gas regulator must be able to consistently maintain 2.75kPa.

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The Natural Gas Act of 1938, as amended, requires any person who wishes to engage in the import and/or export natural gas, (including liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, compressed gas liquids, etc.) from and/or to a foreign country; to first obtain an authorization from the Department of Energy. Within the Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Regulation, Analysis, and Engagement - Division of Natural Gas Regulation, is responsible for granting such authorizations.

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The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulator “the Rock” is since more than 30 years the reliable product to regulate LP gas. The LPG regulator is produced under strict supervision in Japan and satisfies customers around the world. It is manufactured from the finest materials and assembled and tested using procedures second to none.

LPG gas regulator gas pressure is usually factory pre-set to make the automatic gas bottle regulator adjustment to achieve the standard operating pressure for gas appliances. LPG gas regulator (gas regulators for LPG bottles) is sometimes referred to as cooking gas regulator, when used with cooking gas appliances.

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LPG requires a higher air to gas ratio for combustion at a 25 to 1 ratio vs 10 to 1 ratio for natural gas. LPG is liquefied through pressurisation vs natural gas which is cryogenically turned to liquefied natural gas – LNG. LPG is distributed in gas bottles and tanks vs natural gas being conveyed via pipeline.

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Converting an appliance regulator from natural gas to lp