Lng gas plant darwin?

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  • In January 2006, Darwin LNG became the 2 nd LNG plant to be commissioned in Australia, that too ahead of schedule and within the allocated budget. The plant boasts of having an above ground LNG tank, with a working capacity of 188,000 cubic meters, one of the largest of its time. The projected life of the Bayu-Undan field will be reached in 2022.

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The gas arrives in Darwin via an 890-kilometre gas export pipeline – the longest subsea pipeline in the southern hemisphere and the fifth longest on the planet. Ichthys LNG’s onshore processing facilities include: two LNG processing trains, LPG and condensate plants, product storage tanks, a combined cycle power plant, administration facilities, utilities and a product load out jetty.

The Darwin LNG project was built in two phases: a 502km, 26in-diameter subsea pipeline and a 3.24mtpa-capacity LNG plant. The LNG plant features: A 92m-diameter, 47m-high LNG storage tank to hold up to 188,000m³ of gas

In 1995, the discovery of the Bayu-Undan Field in the Timor Sea, approximately 500 kilometres north west of Darwin, seeded the idea of building an LNG plant at Wickham Point in Darwin Harbour. In 2002, heads of agreement were signed with Toyoko Electric and Toyko Gas for the sale of 3 MMTPA of LNG, prompting construction of the first LNG plant in the Northern Territory in June 2003.

The Darwin LNG Project is an LNG value chain project that involves the development and production of gas mainly from the Bayu-Undan Gas Field located 250km off the southern coast of East Timor and 500km off the coast of Darwin, Australia, as well as the pipeline transport and liquefaction of that gas. In 2003, Tokyo Electric Power Company (since ...

The Ichthys liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is part of the $34bn Ichthys LNG project in Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia. The Ichthys LNG project will be one of the largest LNG export facilities in Australia. The Ichthys Field is located in the Browse Basin, offshore from Western Australia.

The Darwin LNG Terminal is an onshore LNG terminal in Northern Territory, Australia. It has one liquefaction and purification train, a 311 mile (500 kilometre) offshore facility, and a subsea pipeline from Bayu-Undan field in the East Timor Sea to Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.

Construction of the Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in the Northern Territory began in June 2003, with the plant being officially commissioned in January 2006. Gas is sent via a 502 kilometre pipeline from the Bayu-Undan field to the plant at Wickham Point, where it is converted into Liquefied Natural Gas for sale to Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas in Japan.

The Santos-operated Darwin LNG plant has the capacity to produce approximately 3.7 million tonnes of LNG per annum. Barossa is one of the lowest cost, new LNG supply projects in the world and will give Santos and Darwin LNG a competitive advantage in a tightening global LNG market.

Eni has an 11 percent stake in the Santos-operated Bayu-Undan gas field located offshore Timor-Leste which supplies the latter’s Darwin LNG facility at Wickham Point in Australia’s Northern Territory. The LNG plant has the capacity to produce about 3.7 million tonnes of LNG per annum from one train.

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