Laptop electric shock when plugged in?

Edd Feeney asked a question: Laptop electric shock when plugged in?
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Why your laptop gives you electric shock

  • Current Leakage: This happens when current escapes from its intended circuit or crosses the boundary created for it by the way of insulation…
  • Faulty socket wiring: There are some cases where the socket you plug into, is not properly wired as regards to grounding or earthing.

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It's not a 'tingle', it's a full-bodied shock. So much for being a "laptop replacement". Investigating the problem, I unplugged the Surface and placed it back on my lap. No electric shock. Still resting it on my lap, I plugged it back in

Hey guys, I am working on a laptop here at my job, and I keep getting small to moderate shocks whenever I touch the keyboard or whatever. It only happens when it's plugged in. I've never had it happen with a laptop ...

when a device plugged in a 3 pin socket gives electric shocks then there is two problems. generally, the earth wire is connected with the outer surface of the machine so that if some current leaks to the surface from the interior, it is moved to the ground, and the user is safe from shocks.

It could be a ground problem on the outlet or it may be a problem with the adapter. It could also be that the neutral in the outlet has a slight voltage on it which is not normal and in which case an electrician should check it.

Laptop gives an electric shock while charging when I touch the laptop basically around the edges f the laptop.But it doesn't give such a shock while it is not charging.What can I do?Its been nearly 3 months sice I bought this laptop.Thank you.

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