Jeep grand cherokee gas type?

Jaylon Prosacco asked a question: Jeep grand cherokee gas type?
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  • The 2019 Jeep Cherokee with the FWD 3.2L V6 recommends that 89 octane unleaded gasoline be used, otherwise the other engine options are fine with 87 octane regular unleaded gasoline.

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Can i use 87 octane in my jeep srt or trackhawk? smh

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mpg V6 v8 (gas type) By jeep Posted on September 21, 2018

Long story short - your Jeep uses a very under-stressed 4.7L naturally aspirated V8 that will see zero benefit from using any gasoline higher than 87 octane, and will not be harmed by E10 blends. The only gasoline purchase decision worth making is consistently running top tier 87 octane fuel from the likes of Shell, Mobil/ Exxon, or BP.

I was told to use 91 octane gas in the brand new 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Can you use a lesser octane since i live in So. Cal and gas is usually higher priced.

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is specified by the factory specs to use regular unleaded 87 octane gasoline or higher in the 3.6L non SRT Jeep and the SRT 6.2L and 5.7L use 89 octane plus unleaded. The fuel tank size for the car is 24.6 gallons and will give You about 550 to 600 miles for a full tank.

city/highway. MPG. City MPG: 19. city. Highway MPG: 26. highway. 4.8 gals/ 100 miles. 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD 6 cyl, 3.6 L, Automatic 8-spd. Regular Gasoline.

Greenhouse. Gas. Emissions. (tailpipe) 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2WD 3.6 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 8-spd, Regular Gasoline. 21. MPG.

The type of gasoline You should use on Your 2019 Jeep Cherokee depends on what type of engine You have. The 2.0 L engine requires premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91. You can also use regular unleaded but You will get more engine performance if You use the premium kind.

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mpg V6 v8 (gas type) 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Mpg – Limited Gas Type The quickest way to check a vehicle is to obtain a complete vehicle history using VinInspect or EpicVin websites. The top region of the car is created from 1 item, and yes it’s the sort of a stick with the reduce part.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel consumption. Fuel consumption tests for: Jeep Grand Cherokee.Number of tests: 48 pcs. (91 data), latest at 2017-05-28. Average fuel consumption: 12.65 [L/100km] = 18.6 [mpg]. Average car age during test: 5.3 yr. Search filters: brand: jeep, model: grand-cherokee,

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Jeep grand cherokee 2014 fuel consumption test