Is wolf a good gas range?

Daphne Lueilwitz asked a question: Is wolf a good gas range?
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Are wolf pro ranges any good?

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1) Best Overall, Wolf Range: DF366 36-inch 6 Sealed Burners

Unlike Wolf's other gas models, dual fuel range ovens have self cleaning mode… The Wolf DF366 oven comes with the options of bake, roast, proof, dehydrate, bake stone, convection, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, broil and self clean.

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Wolf gas cooktop review / rating

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There are currently 26 Wolf dual fuel and all gas ranges to choose from, and each Wolf range offers something different. It can be confusing when you consider the different range sizes, choice of gas or dual fuel, (even propane), and rangetop options. These include an infrared griddle, a double griddle, an infrared charbroiler, and a French top.

Wolf Pro Range Gas Burner . Every Wolf burner can simmer extremely well. Thermador has two extra-low burners, but it is an on/off simmer to keep a lower mean temperature. Wolf has a two-stage burner (or two ports for flame) to keep a consistent simmer at 500 degrees. Wolf Pro Infrared Grill. Wolf 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range With An Infrared Grill

I was all set to get the 36" wolf [open burners] gas range. I got so confused reading all those opinions. I have to say that, in general, wolf wins everyone's votes for reliability, customer service and solid construction.

All in all, the Wolf 30 gas range is not perfect, but no unit is. And, while it may not be perfect, it does, as you can see, have a lot of great features that bring it pretty close. We recommend doing a little more research and also checking out other units to determine if this offering from Wolf is the best fit for you.

Comparing a Wolf vs Viking gas range highlights similarities, but there are also striking differences. Finishes – Viking offers a variety of finishes from stainless steel to vibrant color hues. Wolf stacked sealed burners – provides high and low flame output for precise cooking control.

However, they’re great for anyone that wants to do professional style cooking at home. If your in the market for a high end gas ranges, considering Viking and Wolf ranges is a must. While owning a Viking or Wolf range won’t automatically make you a better cook, they’ll have more cooking power, precision, and versatility than lower cost ranges.

If you’re in the market for a high end 48″ gas range, you’ve probably come across the same brand names over and over again: Viking, Wolf, Thor Kitchen, Kucht, Vulcan, Thermador, La Cornue, BlueStar…it’s a rotating cast of boutique brands offering ranges and ovens that cost as much as many pay for used cars. However, each brand inevitably has its horror stories and detractors, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Wolf ranges are available in width from 30 to 60 in. and come in single or double configurations with up to six cooktop gas burners maxing out at a high of 20,000 BTUs. Oven capacities vary from 4.4 cu. ft. to 9 cu. ft. You’ll also find Wolf models in gas, dual fuel, and electric induction styles.

Wolf dual-fuel ranges are available in 30-, 36-, 48-, and 60-inch widths. They also make all-gas models in those widths, with similar specs and features, though their power burners top out at just...

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