Is there still a gas shortage in nc?

Lexi Bruen asked a question: Is there still a gas shortage in nc?
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Why is North Carolina being hit so hard? There is no gasoline shortage in the U.S., according to government officials and energy analysts.

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In Washington, D.C., about 70% of stations were still empty, according to tracking firm GasBuddy. Elsewhere, more than half of the stations were still out in North Carolina, while less than half of...

May 11, 2021. iStock. Gas prices have been known to fluctuate in the U.S., but a new disruption in the system may do more than just bring prices up. Many experts are now warning about the possibility of a gas shortage for states that rely on one major U.S. fuel pipeline. Over the weekend, Colonial Pipeline Co. was targeted by hackers, which has ...

Gas shortage continues in the Triangle; NC still above 60% of gas stations without fuel

RELATED: Gas shortage causing fuel prices to surge in North Carolina, AAA says “Some stations in the Midwest are offering $10,000 sign on bonuses to get more truckers to bring that gasoline to stations,” said De Haan. “Of course, the price of labor reflects the price you pay at the pump.”

At $2.93, North Carolina gas price averages are 29 cents more than this time in May 2019, according to AAA. Current prices are also 30 cents more expensive than a month ago. Gas prices are expected...

Gas shortage latest: Gas Buddy estimates more than 70% of NC gas stations are out of fuel, Colonial Pipeline restarts operations - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

As of Thursday, GasBuddy says about 68 percent of stations in North Carolina are without fuel. The company expects that could be down to 50 percent by the weekend. But that still means half of gas station will still be empty. Some drivers are now being forced to reschedule.

Many gasoline stations in the Carolinas experienced shortages at the pump, sending residents scrambling around, in search of supply. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency,...

Experts say gas shortage could still be felt for at least a week, even with Colonial Pipeline back online “It'll be probably one to two weeks in most of these areas until buying gasoline isn’t ...

Fuel forecasting experts are seeing gas shortages decrease slightly as the week moves on. As of GasBuddy's most recent update at 4:01 p.m., 43% of North Carolina's gas stations were out of fuel.

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