Is there a 100% electric vw campervan?

Jason Tillman asked a question: Is there a 100% electric vw campervan?
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  • 100% ELECTRIC VW CAMPER. Full spec: THE WORLDS FIRST EVER 100% ELECTRIC POWERED VW BRAZILIAN KAMPER! This is a world first and you can own it. We have taken a lovely 2006 VW Danbury Rio that was air-cooled and turned into a 21st century 100% electric camper that is silent and easy to drive with charging from home or any charge points across the UK.

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Inducing the first range of 100% Electric VW Campers available for sale in the UK using Tesla batteries and the latest technology.

Electric Campervans With £0 Road Tax & Congestion Charges. Electric VW T2/Danbury Campervan Conversions, Call: 01273 493 032 For More Info. (+44) 1273 493032 [email protected]

The T20 VW Electric Campervan marks 20 years of innovative thinking and engineering from the German automotive giants, bringing the beloved 11 window Type2 T1 back for a brand new generation. The front of the T20 looks a little like the Iron Giant, with its true-tone headlights resembling eyes and the front bumper creating a toothy grin.

The original ‘hippy wagon’ captures the green culture and deserves to be powered by electrons. Electricity is already at the campsite so plug in and top up as you sleep. One of the beauties of a VW camper is it’s versatility. Bumper to bumper, it’s no longer than a Nissan Leaf, and yet, there’s so much space.

One of a kind, Fully Electric, Solar VW Transporter Camper Van. Able to be 100% charged from Solar. Or conveniently plug-in at charging station. This is the modern day counterculture. Your chance to stuff it to the man. Ditch gas for good and roll into your next campsite in complete silence. Specs: • 1973 VW Bus Transporter â ...

Why Mazda’s MX-30 Only Has A 100-Mile EPA Range (There’s Actually A Good Reason Behind This) Supermarket Giants Race to Net Zero, Beating the Do-Nothing Australian Government

It takes about 8 hours to achieve 100% battery capacity based on a normal house electricity socket or a campsite socket but fast charge stations can charge it up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes. Currently Nissan say you can get a dedicated Home Charging Unit, supplied and installed for FREE by British Gas , Nissan’s Home Charging Partner.

With this figure only set to increase it shouldn’t be too long before recharging your electric campervan on a journey is not the main consideration. Generally speaking it takes around 8 hours to achieve 100% charge at home, although a very useful 80% charge can be had for just 30 minutes at a public fast charging point.

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