Is thear a map of earths electric charge?

Claudia Wiegand asked a question: Is thear a map of earths electric charge?
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What is the electric charge of the Earth?

  • Earth's electric charge. khushi. Earth has a charge of -1.6×10^-19C or about 7 moles of excess electrons on it's surface. This is compensated by an equal deficiency of electrons in the earth's upper atmosphere. Earth is also an infinite source and sink of current. Now, when current flows into it, that means it loses electrons.

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The electric field is a measure of the force that is exerted per coulomb of charge. Its measure is defined as kq/r 2 where k is the electrostatic constant constant, q is the amount of charge, and r is the distance between charges. The presence of an electric field is identified using a test charge. The earth's atmosphere has an electric field ...

Over a large part of the earth’s surface, namely, the oceans, there are no points, and the balance here will be positive. The existence of a static negative charge on the earth’s surface (about 5.7 × 10 5 coulombs) indicates that these currents, on the average, are balanced.. The electric field in the ionosphere is caused by processes that occur both in the upper layers of the atmosphere ...

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Answer. Chris: In that sort of time frame I reckon the answer is roughly the same. It does increase by a small amount. I think the stated geological figure is about 1 inch every 20,000 years or so. That's extrapolated over the lifetime of the Earth. Most of the water we have comes in the form of comets hitting the Earth.

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