Is lpg gas good for cars?

Cole Kling asked a question: Is lpg gas good for cars?
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Yes, Auto LPG is also good for your car's engine. Being a cleaner-burning fuel that produces little residue, LPG doesn't damage the engine. Rather it allows engine's components to last longer. Being a high octane fuel, it also ignites faster implying no pre-ignition or knocking.

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LPG is good for cars. LPG does not damage engines. LPG may actually prolong engine life and reduce maintenance. In summary of LPG vs petrol engine life, is LPG good for cars and does LPG damage engines:

An LPG engine will heat up faster due to the cylinder head temperature, even with a cold engine. Petrol engines take a while to warm up, so this is a good thing for engines. LPG is high octane and runs cleaner through the engine. You will not experience sputters or knocks using this fuel, as it is clean burning.

while LPG may seem a good option it should be reported that there are restrictions on its use. For example it is illegal to travel via the channel tunnel with a charged gas tank. You will also find signs on indoor or underground car parks on the continent banning LPG cars.

The Advantages Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cars LPG is non-toxic and non-corrosive fuel, which makes it a safe alternative to diesel fuels. The emissions of LPG cars are cleaner compared to gasoline powered vehicles. An LPG car has lower toxic, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide emissions than other types of vehicles.

The research also indicates that LPG cars produce less NOx than both petrol and diesel ones. In fact, when compared to diesel, five times less NOx is emitted. LPG vehicles are significantly lower on particle emissions as well.

LPG still makes the most financial sense in the UK for private owners who are determined to keep their gas guzzlers, and fleet buyers doing stratospheric mileage. Certainly for companies running...

Fri 1 Dec 2006 11:32. LPG - Good or Bad - Greg R. Indeed, my car also has a flat spot at low revs (2000 rpm), which is worse on gas than it is on petrol. Performance is however very much the same. I think it is important to mix between using petrol and LPG, and a lubricating kit is a must.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about bi-fuel cars running on LPG and propane, most notably from Chrysler and Lancia in Europe, but in the US as well. Several companies are currently offering propane conversion kits. Propane has a few advantages over gasoline, of course. It tends to burn more cleanly, it’s cheaper, etc.

LPG gas conversion (liquified petroleum gas) can be done with virtually any petrol (gasoline) powered cars, making them dual fuel cars. The advantage is that LPG fuel price is about 50% less than petrol. You also gas a cruising range of about double the distance, with two fuel tanks. LPG Conversion – LPG Car Conversion

Richard Hammond helps a guest punter - Richard Fountain, who's in search for a car which will accommodate an LPG (liquid petroleum gas) conversion. His optio...

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