Is it ok to leave electric toothbrush on charger?

Evalyn Bailey asked a question: Is it ok to leave electric toothbrush on charger?
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It is perfectly safe to disconnect the power and leave the brush fitted to the charging stand. Doing so will keep the toothbrush upright and reduce any potential risk and damage to the toothbrush. Leaving the power cable connected is generally fine also, but it is not necessarily required.

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The instructions say to charge for 16 hours, so I assume it's a trickle charger, i.e. low current, and I believe it's not going to overcharge the cells if the unit is left on the charger. However,...

Yes it is safe to leave the electric toothbrush charging overnight. It is not going to be a problem even if you left it over a week charging. You can leave the charger plugged in pretty much all the time.

Is it OK to leave electric toothbrush on charger? Whether you have an Oral-B, Sonicare or Colgate toothbrush, one way to ensure your brush is fully charged is to leave it on charge for a long period of time. In most instances, manufacturers do suggest it is safe to leave your brush on the charging stand at all times.

Oral B you can leave on the charger all the time when not in use. What I can't understand is how electric toothbrushes take 22 hours to charge. They don't, but having bought various models at various price points my experience is that the cheaper ones both take longer to charge and last less time between charges.

Step 1: Braun Electric Toothbrush Charger Hack. Having used Braun Oral B electric toothbrushes for years, I was disappointed to discover that the design of the induction charger base has changed on the latest units. The old charger base had a slot on the back to take excess cable and a bracket for wall-mounting, but the new charger base is smaller and will only sit on a horizontal flat surface ...

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