Is it normal to smell a little gas near stove?

Chaya Rowe asked a question: Is it normal to smell a little gas near stove?
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Have gas smell from stove? here's what to look for and do

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It's normal to smell a bit of residual gas for a few minutes when it's turned off after use. But if you smell gas, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CALL A TECHNICIAN!!! This is very dangerous! It is not normal to smell gas when you stove is off.

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How to troubleshoot a gas oven for the smell of gas

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It isn't normal, and any gas in the room should dissipate fairly quickly. Get yourself a cup of soapy water and a paint brush and find the leak. At the very least your house will smell bad.

If you just turned your gas range’s stove or oven on, it's not unusual to smell a brief, faint smell of gas, as the burner lights with a small flame at first. You could also have built up soot, making the gas smell in your oven smell stronger. It doesn’t hurt to check to see if you should give it a cleaning.

When you turn the knob to ignite your burner, a valve opens and releases a stream of gas. You may smell the stream of gas that escaped before the burner was lit. This is normal and not a cause for concern. The smell should dissipate quickly. Smelling Gas While Using the Stove. If you continue to smell gas after several minutes, there may be a leak.

In this video, I go through the process of troubleshooting a gas-fueled stove with a gaseous smell emission. Thank you and good day.Amazon Affiliate linkBuy...

Even though smelled near the oven, because natural gas is significantly lighter than air but propane is much heasvier than air, depending on which you use, could easily be from either oven or lines behind the stove as the source with natural gas, but if you use propane could be coming from anywhere in the stove and migrating down to the floor area.

I believe you should not smell any gas unless you turn on stove and that should not be long in lingering. Listen I was experiencing multi body pains and headaches, memory problems ect. before the leak was fixed and thought it was because of a bad life style habits.

You should NEVER smell propane around your stove, EVER!!! You have a leak or discharge that needs to be found and fixed immediately. It is however, normal to get a small, brief whiff of propane when hooking up a tank and when turning the burner on to light it. Additionally, if your stove has a standing pilot light, it may need to be re-lit.

So the only reason to smell gas around the meter would be a leak at the regulator or one of the pipe connections. We recommend that you call the local gas utility right away to come over and check it out, and not smoke or take any action that would cause a spark near the area of the gas smell in the meantime.

Gas Smell from New Stove. I notice a constant gas odor around the new gas stove that was installed about two weeks ago. It has been checked twice with a compound put around the connections to better seal it. Although the odor is not as strong as it was, I still smell gas. I have been told that a faint gas smell is normal for some stoves.

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