Is it normal to see flames in gas oven?

Loyal Hartmann asked a question: Is it normal to see flames in gas oven?
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Why is my oven flame yellow?

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What is causing yellow and orange flames on your gas…

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You should not see any flames shooting up above the oven floor. Based on your symptom and details I do not believe you have the bake burner orifice hood (spud) completely bottomed out. Turning the orifice hood (spud) clockwise (CW) decreases the gas flow and turning it counterclockwise (CCW) increases the gas flow.

Depends on the design of the oven, but yes, this can be normal. If you mean 'in the oven itself, some flames are visible below the plate at the bottom'. If you mean 'outside the oven, flames shoot out of the sides', then you should probably avoid using that oven if at all possible. An old gas oven I had did this.

Red or yellow gas flames may be the sign of incomplete combustion, wasted gas and a serious safety hazard. With hydrocarbon flames, such as gas, the amount of oxygen supplied with the gas determines the rate of combustion, flame colour and temperature.

Pull the bottom oven panel up and check to make sure that the flame spreader (shown as the burner baffle in the image below) is in place. If not, it could cause the problem that you are seeing. Pull the flame spreader (burner baffle) as shown below and try to adjust the flame with the air shutter.

The following things are normal with the use of gas cooking appliances: When using an LP gas supply, the flame tips will be yellow. A slight poof sound when the gas cycles off and on. A clicking sound in the oven when the gas cycles off and on.

Most of the time it’s normal to smell gas when one of these appliances is first turned on. The smell can even be strong at times, but usually goes away after the gas ignites. If your oven is lighting correctly, you have nothing to worry about. Yet, keep in mind that if you are smelling unburned gas that resembles rotten eggs, this is not normal.

When your gas oven is connected to the gas cylinder with a pipe, you may hear low hissing sounds as the gas goes through the pipes and manifest as naked flames on the gas burner. This is very natural and the oven will usually make this sound when the gas oven is turned on. Also Read: Best Large Toaster Ovens

Smoke is normal in an electric oven, but flames are definitely not. In order to start a fire, you either need a spark, or you need to heat something beyond its autoignition temperature (AKA kindling point). You might have had a short - or you might actually be using a gas oven with spark ignition - but I'm guessing your issue was the latter.

Gas Burner or Oven Flame Too High or Uneven Most gas ranges and cooktops are set for natural gas at the factory. If the burner or oven flames are too high (ex. touching or above the grate) or are uneven, this could be an indication the range or cooktop was improperly converted from a natural gas setting to LP (Liquid Propane).

A gas stove blue flame colour and temperature means complete combustion, indicating you aren’t wasting gas and money. See the flame color temperature chart below. Red flames or propane-natural gas flame color orange, instead of a blue flame, may mean signs of incomplete combustion, wasted gas and a serious safety hazard.

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