Is it dangerous to play electric guitar while wet?

Alfonzo Schaden asked a question: Is it dangerous to play electric guitar while wet?
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Is it possible for a guitar to get too wet?

  • While much of our energy is devoted to preventing guitars from drying out, it also is possible for guitars to become too wet.

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While probably the most spectacular and widely publicized case of musically-related electrocution, this isn’t the only one. Guitarist John Rostill of The Shadows was electrocuted in 1973 while playing his bass guitar in his basement studio, and former Yardbird Keith Relf reportedly bought it while plugging in his electric guitar in 1976.

While gradual changes in temperature and humidity will generally not harm a well-made guitar, extreme temperatures can wreak utter havoc. The goal should always be climate stability. It is generally accepted that the ideal conditions for a guitar is air humidity that is neither too high nor too low, thus somewhere in the 45-55% range, and temperature that is kept between 65-75 °F.

While this is a normal occurrence, extreme changes will harm your guitar. In fact, Taylor Guitar’s website states, “It is essential to maintain a proper moisture level to prevent the adverse effects of dry conditions, such as bad string action and buzzing, protruding fret ends, wood cracking, top sinking, bridge lifting, and other damage to your instrument.” 3 .

Drain the Filter Capacitors. The filter capacitors in an amp store enough high voltage DC to kill you, even when the amplifier is unplugged so you must check them for residual DC voltage and drain them if voltage above 30 volts DC is detected. Capacitors can hold their charge for days.

While it is safe to use an electric hedge trimmer after the rain, you should never try to operate one while the storm is happening, as you increase the risk of electrical shock. Lars I am always happy to share all my knowledge about how to keep your garden in good condition and make it special.

Yes, there is a risk. Even a properly installed and protected electrical system can fail to protect you, either because of unforeseen situations or component failure. There are two types of flaps. One is watertight only when not in use and closed. This is probably what you have.

While much of our energy is devoted to preventing guitars from drying out, it also is possible for guitars to become too wet. Usually, a guitar becomes over-humidified when it has been exposed to the elements for a period of several weeks in an area where the humidity is very high (80-90%), or for several months where the humidity is medium-high (60-70%).

Over humidification of an acoustic guitar. While acoustic guitars require some amount of water to remain stable, there are also issues associated with too much guitar humidity. Over humidification begins at about 55% relative humidity, and the higher it goes, the more dangerous it can be.

Any guitar teacher will tell you, especially after teaching for awhile, we tend to create a mental check list of things to always look for when working with beginning guitar players, young or old.For this post, I wanted to break some of the most common ones down. This list could potentially go on infinitely, especially when we start talking about some of the finer details with advanced ...

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