Is electric budget billing a good idea?

Ethel Becker asked a question: Is electric budget billing a good idea?
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  • A: The budget plan for utilities can be a good idea as long as the utility company shows your actual usage and adjusts your bill at the end of the year if you have paid more than you used. Another option is to budget for utilities yourself. For example, our highest electric bill is $250 during the summer.

How does budget billing for your utilities work?

  • Budget billing means your utility company (like the power or gas company) will offer you a set amount due each month for a certain utility. To determine this amount, the company will add up the amount you spend last year on that particular utility, then divide that number by 12, assuming that your usage will generally stay the same.

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Budget billing is an awesome idea when you want an easy, predictable monthly payment for your bills. If you have trouble paying the larger utility bills during high usage months, I highly suggest you sign up.

While budget billing may seem to be a great idea to help you with your budget, carefully consider several things before you sign up. Find Out What Happens If the Company Estimates Incorrectly Take a look at whether or not you will be charged extra if you use more power than they planned.

This is similar to the way Budget Billing works, except that with Budget Billing, the electric company takes the budgeted amount per month (they come to this number by averaging your last year’s bills) and saves the excess from the cheaper months to use during the more expensive months.

Budget billing is basically a set amount that you pay each month for your utility bill, whether it’s your electric bill or something else. Your power or gas company for example, will look at the amount of money you spent on your utilities the year prior. They will add an additional percentage to this number to cover inflation and then divide the total number by 12 months. The number you’re left with is what you will pay each month. Pros. Since your utility bill will be the same each ...

If you were on Budget Billing, your estimated bill this month would be: $135.00 Take the guesswork out of your utility budget. Budget Billing lets you pay the same amount for your utilities each month. Budget Billing is available to Austin Energy customers who do not participate in Time of Use Billing.

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