Is distilled water a good conductor of electricity?

Brooke Bosco asked a question: Is distilled water a good conductor of electricity?
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  • The Brainliest Answer! Pure water or distilled water is not capable of conducting electricity. However rain water or even tap water are good conductors of electricity. Distilled water is a good insulator because it is a good ionic solvent which allows them to dissolve ionic compounds easily without any hassle.

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It does conduct, better than paraffin or petrol for example, but not well compared to salty water or a metal. It depends what you mean by good. It is certainly dangerous to get it near mains electricity.

Distilled water does not conduct electricity as there are no ions present in it. It can be made into a conductor by adding a small quantity of impurity, e.g. salt. There are no ions present in it.

Distilled water is never a good conductor of electricity. Just how bad a conductor it is depends on how it is produced.

Last updated at June 9, 2020 by Teachoo Pure Water or Distilled Water is a Poor Conductor of Electricity However, Tap Water or Sea Water is a good conductor of Electricity as it has salt in it Which is a better conductor of Electricity - Seawater or Tap Water?

Explain how distillated water can be made a conductor of electricity. Answers: 2 Get

Distilled water is free from electrolytes and hence doesn’t have any conducting substance in it. Hence, it is not a good conductor of electricity. We know that acids, bases and salts are good conductors. Hence, we can make distilled water conducting by making it. An acid.

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