Is bp gas good quality?

Delfina Howell asked a question: Is bp gas good quality?
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BP backs all three grades of their branded fuel because they're confident in the quality of their products and are confident you'll agree that all three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate are high-quality products.

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Poor quality fuel Using Bio fuel (not all engines can perform 100% efficiently. Poor maintenance Poor quality/incorrect viscosity oil Short journey/long idle times. Particulate filters can do the same (If fitted) and even with weekly use of Redex fuel treatment.. it doesn’t stop issues developing which can run into the thousands to repair.

I wonder if there is a difference in gas quality/consistency between franchise brands like Chevron, BP, Exxon, Shell and the large retailers like QT and Costco. I always feel safer putting gas in from larger retailers like QT and Costco, whereas with the smaller franchise brands, I always wonder if quality depends on ownership and if they may dilute their gas quality at the franchise brand places.

BP’s Amoco Ultimate is different, though. It is refined differently, has different additives, and is kept segregated from all other premium gasolines. As long as you use regular gasoline from major producers, your car should run all right. Stay away from the “Low price” and independent stations.

They’re all over! According to Top Tier, about a third of gas stations meet its fuel quality standards. Here Are the Top Tier Licensed Retail Brands in the United States: 76; ARCO; Aloha; Amoco; BP; Beacon; Break Time C Stores; Breakaway; CITGO; Cenex; Chevron; Conoco; Costco Wholesale; CountryMark; CountryMark PLUS; Diamond Shamrock; Express Mart; Exxon; Fast Fuel; GetGo

Shell had the most additives for premium while between Shell and BP regular and medium were practically neck and neck. Exxon was lower by a good margin but still fine gas being top tier and all. BP gas clogged the fuel rails twice on my family’s 98 Pontiac Bonneville. Never had that happen from any other gas station.

Major fuel brands such as Shell, BP, Total and Murco tweak fuel blends which they claim improves performance (Picture iStock/josefkubes) Is all fuel the same? The best answer to this is probably yes, and no. The cheaper supermarket fuel and the more expensive big fuel brand product on sale down the road could actually have come from the same refinery.

Altitude difference alone is night and day on engine performance.The only Gas I run in my vehicles is BP or Shell. I prefer Shell and a lot of other quality gases are not readily available locally. I am not a fan of BP as a company and I prefer to run Shell but they are the best Gas typically available to me and at this point in time it is definitely good gas.

This is actually a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, and you should only use it if it says Flex Fuel or E85 in your owner’s manual, on the fuel door, or on a yellow gas cap.

The higher-tier BP Visa credit card takes 10 cents off per gallon, earns 3% cash back on groceries and 1% cash back on any purchase made outside of a BP station. BP scored particularly well in...

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