Is a gas heater worth it?

Maybelle Langosh asked a question: Is a gas heater worth it?
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Electric vs gas heaters

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Gas heaters are fuel efficient, economical, and durable, as well as the perfect way to stay snug and warm during the cold winter months. LPG gas heaters and natural gas heating are both energy efficient and a wonderful way to heat your home. LPG gas heaters and natural gas heating is rapid and provides true warmth.

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Gas pool heater: how does it work & is it worth it?

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As usual, the answer is: it depends. Let's talk about gas furnace lifespan. A typical gas furnace, 96% AFUE or otherwise, will last about 15 years. Some folks might have one that gives out a few years before that.

Calculating ducted gas heater running cost Consumer advocate group, CHOICE, has calculated the average running costs of small, medium and large gas heaters that are used for 6 hours a day for 12 weeks — that’s roughly the length of winter. These were $212.50, $300, and $412.50 respectively for a gas rate of 3 cents per mega joule (c/MJ).

Gas furnaces and electric heat pumps sometimes aren’t perfect in either direction. Gas furnaces might be too powerful in a warmer climate with milder winters, and an electric heat pump might be perfect for most of the year except for those few cold nights where it really can’t run efficiently.

They’re often similar in price to gas heaters and heat pumps, but the operating costs are much lower. Heaters come in varying sizes and efficiencies, so check with your pool contractor or a local expert to find out which models will work for you. The greater the size and efficiency, the more expensive the heater will be.

However, because of the significantly lower cost of natural gas, these water heaters can be cheaper to operate compared to an electric version. If you use approximately 64 gallons of hot water per day, an electric water heater will cost about $285 per year, while a gas water heater will cost about $110 per year — depending on your energy costs.

Generally, electric-powered heaters are easier and cheaper to install. Every home has electricity, and installation just requires connecting a few wires and pipes. Furthermore, electric tanks are about $500 cheaper due to their simplicity. Gas tanks are trickier to install, especially if you don't already have a gas line running to your home.

If you use a natural gas water heater because you have access to a gas line, it’s best to stick with gas models. A hybrid heat pump is best for an all-electric home. Your home must also have sufficient space for the system. A hybrid water heater requires more open area around it to work because it has to draw on heat in the air.

HVAC service contracts can be worth the money because they help prevent costly issues and repairs The benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan can be worth the cost to homeowners, depending on a few factors. The goal is to protect your home from unexpected HVAC system repairs and replacements.

It is the same tank, same parts and pieces, same regulations they are all built to with the government regulations and you are just buying a longer warranty on a tank which I don’t think is worth the money. If it works good for 6 years, I don’t think it’s going to break on the 7th.

There are a few options on the market that could work, but the best option for your needs may actually be a booster. Connect with Chattanooga Water Heater Co. today about a water heater booster for your Chattanooga, TN property. We’re available at 423-718-7342 now.

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