How wide is a gas hob?

Joey Pacocha asked a question: How wide is a gas hob?
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Gas hobs. Gas hobs typically have a depth of 50cm (from the front of the unit to the splash back) and a height of 5cm (the part of your hob that sits into the worktop), with width sizes ranging from 60-90cm.

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When it comes to gas hobs, there's no one-width-fits-all. Instead, you can choose from four widths: a 30-cm gas hob, 60-cm gas hob, 75-cm gas hob, and 90-cm gas hob. One benefit of an extra-wide, 90-cm gas hob: ample space to cook fish, boil pasta and steam broccoli at once.

This superb 90cm wide Professional Series gas hob from Bertazzoni boasts five gas burners with cast iron pan supports. Finished in stainless steel it will look great in any kitchen. Cooking

There is no official standard size hob, and the number of rings can vary from 2 to 5 typically with will further affect the overall size of the hob. A very common size is 600mm wide by 500mm deep. The size of the hole you will need to cut into your worktop will be smaller than the overall hob size.

Deciding on which type of hob you would like for your kitchen is one of the first things you need to consider when buying a new hob. Our range of built-in hobs offers 4 different types for you to choose from, split between gas or electric. Read on to find out which type of hob is the best for you and your everyday cooking needs.

Wide gas hobs Some gas hobs are extra-wide to accommodate an additional, powerful cooking ring. These can vary in width from 70cm to 92cm depending on the design and placement of the additional...

The ceramic glass gas hob with FlameSelect: achieve perfect cooking results thanks to nine precisely defined power levels. FlameSelect: for a precise adjustment of the flame in nine defined levels. Dual wok burner: dual flame system for very powerful cooking at up to 6 kW (depending on gas type).

Derek shows us inside a gas hob and explains what you will find and how it works. This is a gas tutorial for trainee gas engineers and remember you must be g...

Shop gas on glass hobs. Bosch Serie 6 PPQ7A6B90 75cm Gas Hob - Black. (39) £599. 5 burner gas hob gives you lots of room to cook. Sturdy, durable cast iron pan supports. Gives full control over power level for precise cooking. Wok burner provides quick, intense heat. Dimensions (cm) - H4.5 x W75 x D52 - Learn more.

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Prx white gas hob with 5 rings