How to wind electric guitar pickups?

Christophe Cartwright asked a question: How to wind electric guitar pickups?
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What is the best wind strength for pickup winding?

  • Most commonly used in pickup winding is 38 to 44 AWG. This is somewhere around the thickness of a hair – it can break easily, so be careful. We spoke about the number of winds already briefly, but it’s worth expanding on the subject. Normally, the number of winds a pickup has is directly correlated with its strength.

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Steps 1. Wind the wire onto the bobbins. 2. Build a wooden platform that... 3. Using your left hand to... 4. Check the resistance of your windings. 5. Pot your windings in wax. 6. Add magnets to make pickups. 7. Wire your pickups. 8. After carefully sanding the coating... 9. Mount your pickups and ...

Build a Coil Winder for Guitar Pickups and Other Projects Step 1: Mark all spots for drilling. On the side of the box that opens, lay out the ball bearing mount, gears, pickup... Step 2: Drill holes. Once you have everything marked, drill your holes out. With the box I used, the counter was very..…

You will need to have a winding machine of some sort thousands of turns by hand isn't going to be fun. For wax potting the pickups the standards is to use a 80/20 mix of parrafin and beeswax. With...

The guitar pickup starts with the magnet. Magnets create a magnetic field of varying strengths and sizes. A wire coil, made from very thin, insulated wire, creates a device called an electromagnetic coil. An electromagnetic coil is a device that becomes magnetically charged when electricity is applied to it.

Reverse wound single-coils – which winds the middle pickup in the opposite direction, so it cancels noise when combined with either the bridge or neck pickup. Rail Humbuckers – which are dual-coils that sit SIDE BY SIDE like normal humbuckers, but can fit into a single-coil slot because they’re half the size.

Alnico 5 Rod Magnets. Alnico 8 Rod Magnets. PICKUP WIRE. 42 AWG Magnet Wire. Heavy Formvar. Plain Enamel. Poly Nylon. 43 AWG Magnet Wire. Heavy Formvar.

Your pickups either have North or South aimed at your strings. If you have a compass, it’s easy to do: hold the compass on top of your pickup, on its side. This will allow you to observe which way the compass pulls. If North pulls towards the pickup, your pickups are “South To Strings,” or “South Up” (Opposites attract).

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