How to use an electric branding iron on wood?

Rowland Grant asked a question: How to use an electric branding iron on wood?
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What are Brand Irons?

  • Branding irons from the 1910s. A branding iron is used for branding, pressing a heated metal shape against an object or livestock with the intention of leaving an identifying mark.

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Branding the wood: Once it’s hot all you do is hold it down, press evenly into the wood for just a couple of seconds and remove. You may want to practice on some scrap wood, before using your good wood.

To brand wooden items, set the temperature to 70%. How Long Does It Take for The Branding Iron to Leave An Impression? You only need to apply the branding iron to the item being branded for a few seconds. With an electric branding iron, four seconds is plenty. How Long Does a Branding Iron Stay Hot? Before you start branding items, it’s important that the iron is hot enough.

How-to Use a Branding Iron on Wood by Mitchell Dillman - YouTube.

The Electric Branding Iron from Branding Irons Unlimited is the method of choice by woodworkers to leave their mark on their wood products. Works great as we...

Plug your temperature control unit (TCU). into an electric outlet and plug your branding iron into your TCU. Make sure your branding head is firmly attached to your heating tool and is resting on the provided stand or cradle, or on a heat resistant safe surface that cannot burn, nor catch fire, such as a brick.

That's what I used to make my first branding irons to put my armadillo logo onto my leather products and used it for years. You can make a simple wood handle for it and just heat it up on a gas stove. Simple and cheap. You can also use it as a stamp for veg tanned leather. But it I was tired of heating it up like that so I customized a store ...

Woodworkers use Electric or Fire-Heated Branding Irons to leave their maker’s mark or company logo. Branding Pallets Timber pallets and other timber export packaging is often marked in this way in to indicate that the timber has been treated to prevent it carrying pests.

Branding irons are also easy to use, making them ideal solutions for artists or craftspeople looking to quickly make a lasting mark. This is especially true because the same branding set up can be used to mark any number of materials. By simply changing the temperature settings you can mark wood, plastic, leather, etc. Branding Iron Temperature

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