How to tell if furnace gas or electric?

Alex Ernser asked a question: How to tell if furnace gas or electric?
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  • Other ways to tell if you have a gas furnace or electric furnace Read the labels on the furnace. Here is an option that you should or could do before anything else… Check for a gas line. If you are able to identify what a gas line looks like, you should be able to tell which heating system you have based on ... Exhaust vent. Check to see if you have an exhaust vent…

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Tips on How to Tell if You Have a Gas or Electric Furnace Many new homeowners cannot tell whether they own an electric furnace or a gas furnace. Thankfully, we will help you to discover the type of furnace you have in your home.

Remember, a gas furnace uses a burner to produce heat. If it is a gas furnace, there will be a small window on the front of the furnace where you should see a blue glowing flame. You should also be able to hear the noise from the gas burner. Electric powered furnaces do not have a glass window with a blue flame and do not make any noise when idle.

The best way to tell if your heating system is gas or electric is by inspecting the unit. Even though both systems look similar and use a fan to push hot air through ducts, their furnaces will have distinct differences. A gas heater will have a heat exchanger and burner while an electric heater will have an electrical element.

Difference Between a Gas Furnace and an Electric Furnace A gas system pushes the forced air through a heat exchanger, while an electric system heats the air in a heating element. The two systems are also set up differently.

While a gas forced air system uses burners in a combustion chamber to heat the air, electric furnaces use electric coils. The coils turn hot when there’s electricity running through them. The hotter you need, the hotter the coils will be. Gas units usually have a black cast iron pipe, copper pipe, or yellow plastic hose connection.

You can determine if your forced warm air heating is gas or electric by checking the heating unit. Step 1 Turn on your forced warm air heating system and turn up the thermostat. You need the warm air circulating so you can check if it's powered by gas or electric.

There are certain attributes on your HVAC system that can tell you if you have a gas or electric furnace. How to Know If You Have a Gas Furnace A gas furnace has a pipe coming out of the top of it that connects to the wall or the ceiling.

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