How to run rv water heater on electric?

Kaylin Windler asked a question: How to run rv water heater on electric?
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  • In most cases, turning it on is easy: you simply locate your RV electric water heater switch and toggle it to “on.” If your camper water heater is in gas mode, the igniter will have to click on the pilot light — or the pilot light may even need to be lit manually. Refer to your RV owner’s manual for full details.

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Hot water tanks in most RVs range from 6-10 gallons in size. Gas-fired RV water heaters need a bit of 12v power from your RV batteries to operate the switches that automatically turn the flame off once the water is hot.

The main RV water heater makers are Atwood and Suburban. So you may find the same situation as other RV owners and the same fixes should apply to all issues; RV water heater tanks are small so you need to practice some water conversation while on the road; On-demand water heaters are a good replacement for your tank design. Plus, you never run ...

When the indicator light goes out and remains out, the water heater is lit and ready for use in about 20 minutes. For the electric model, you just flip a switch and the water heater will have the water ready in about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, you may have a water heater using both systems.

Follow this step by step guide to RV electric water heater troubleshooting: Drain all the water from the water heater tank. Rinse the water heater tank. Locate the electric water heater element and replace it with a new one. Fill the water heater tank and put on the water heater. It should work.

Open a hot tap and let the water run for a few seconds. Doing this will ensure you have water in your tank to heat. Next, you’ll want to switch the water heater on. As mentioned before, you can choose to use both the propane and electric options together if you happen to have a heater with both.

The RV propane to electric water heater kit uses a special rod attachment you screw into your RV’s water heater tank via the drain plug. The rod has wiring that runs to a thermostat you attach to the side of the tank, which then plugs into a standard RV 110-volt outlet.

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