How to pay your ppl electric bill?

Gilda Skiles asked a question: How to pay your ppl electric bill?
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  • To make a PPL Electric bill payment, call 1-800-672-2413 (PPL uses BillMatrix, a $2.95 service fee will be charged), or: Cash: at an authorized pay center Bank Account (Checking/Savings): online, at your bank (check with your bank first) Credit/Debit Card: at an authorized pay center, or online (note that there is a processing fee to pay by credit/debit card) Check/Money Order: by mail (address, below), or at a paycenter

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PPL Electric Utilities accepts the following types of payment methods: Check; Direct bank transfer; Credit or debit card (through a secure third-party vendor) Cash (at designated third-party agents throughout Pennsylvania) Find out more about how to pay your PPL Electric Utilities bill. Pay any bill, with any payment method, from any device.

Below the Shopping Advice section is a section called "Manage Your Account" that explains the various ways you can pay your PPL Electric Utilities bill. You will also find different ways to contact PPL Electric. 7. Payment Stub. At the bottom of your bill is the payment stub. You can use this to pay your bill by mail.

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