How to make working model of electric generator?

Fiona Kerluke asked a question: How to make working model of electric generator?
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  • While full scale models can be complex and expensive to build, you can create a simple electric generator easily. All you need to do is create a simple frame to hold the wire and magnet, wind the wire, connect it to an electrical device, and glue the magnet onto a spinning shaft.

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This video is made by one of my friend.This video is about generating electricity and making working model.Please, Like, And Subscribe for more.

While making a Wooden Generator model, you have to know about the variables like dependent and independent ones. The independent variable is the factor that you use for testing, for examples a diameter of wire and speed of turning. The dependent variable is the electricity production rate. Let us see the materials required to make a conductor.

This is the most basic conceptual model of an electric generator. We also call it a single loop electric generator. We can collect the induced emf in the loop in two different ways. Let us connect slip ring with both ends of the loop.

Working: Arrange the equipments as shown in Fig.4. Put the coil on a table vertically and fill the bottom of the coil hole with tissue. Put the plastic pipe on the top of the coil hole vertically. Fall the bar magnet from the top of the plastic pipe. One of the LED will be switched on. Put the magnet upside down and try again.

Body of the Generator Take 6×6″ wooden piece and two pieces of PVC pipes (one is of 2″ and the other is should be of 1″). Make vertical groove on the 1 inch PVC pipe. Align it with 2 inches piece and make a hole in it.

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