How to make an electric motor for skateboard?

Kayleigh Vandervort asked a question: How to make an electric motor for skateboard?
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How do you make an electric skateboard?

  • Here, are the steps involved to make an Electric Skateboard : Assemble all the items required. Drill the gear and washer. Show all items. Assemble the wheel Attach the motor mount Attach the motor Run the belt between the pulleys. Attach the trucks to the board Build the electronics.

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The motor: For electric skateboarding a brushless dc motor is recommended, because of the power it can deliver in such a small motor.Almost the most important specification of a brushless dc motor is the KV-ratio. KV stands for: rpm/Volt applied to the motor. So if you apply 10volts to a 190KV motor, you will get 1900 rounds per minute.

So if your motors can draw 50A each (total 100A), make sure the ESC can support at least 5% above that, meaning 5% above 100A, meaning at least 105A. If you are using a VESC and can set the current limits, be sensible and make sure you don’t go over both the maximum motor current limits (this kills the motor) or the maximum limits of the VESC (this kills the VESC).

We offer bolt on motor mounts to build a High Performance Electric Longboard which you can put on any longboard or skateboard deck. Our motor mounts allow you to fit a common Remote Control (RC) Motor onto your skateboard/longboard trucks which will be powered by a belt from the motor shaft to the drive wheel.

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