How to make a mini electric water pump?

Erling Thiel asked a question: How to make a mini electric water pump?
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Can you build your own mini water pump?

  • Learn more... While a fully functional water pump used to draw water from an underground well requires a lot of material, equipment, and technical know-how, you can build your own mini-water pump as a DIY project.

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How to Make a Mini Water Pump Step 1: Making the Impeller. To start of the build we will start by obtaining the pump housing. For this we will need... Step 2: Making the Impeller Blades. Next we need to make the blades of the impeller. To do this I cut out a long thin... Step 3: Attaching the Motor…

In the center of the motor is a rotor with coils around it. Around those coils are magnets, which create a permanent magnetic field that flows through the rotor. When the motor turns on, electricity runs through the coils, producing a magnetic field that repels the magnets around the rotor, causing the rotor to spin around 180 degrees.

Now that you've got a working setup, it's time to put it in place so your plant can get its water. Get a jug or glass or whatever you'd like, and put the input (the sucking end) of the pump hose in it. Put the output of the hose in your plant. Put the Arduino somewhere where it won't get wet.

Cut sheet metal to fit the diameter of the pipe for the impeller blade. Take a strip of sheet metal about 1⁄8 inch (0.32 cm) thick and place it on top of the PVC pipe. Use a marker to trace the size of the inside of the pipe over the piece of metal. Take a pair of tin snips or wire cutters to trim the sheet metal to size.

Steps needed to make this diy water pump are: First make the impeller for the motor. Take something that have wheel like structure and remove the rounded plastic. Take some round cable and weld it on the motor terminals. Make the hole at the bottom of canister and pass and epoxy the cable through ...

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