How to increase 2007 electric club car golf cart?

Dana Morar asked a question: How to increase 2007 electric club car golf cart?
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How to make an electric club car golf cart go faster?

  • How to Make an Electric Club Car Golf Cart Go Faster. Replace your tires with larger ones. This will allow the same number of revolutions per minute to cover more ground, as the larger tires will move the cart faster. Replace the engine with a higher powered one for a significant speed increase. This is best left to a professional mechanic.

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Today we're going to look at how I upgraded the gears in an EZGO Golf Cart from a 12:44 ratio to a 6:1 on a dana rear end. I've already upgraded the motor, c...

Yet another suggestion to increase the speed of your golf cart is to reprogram the 4-speed setting to 4. This can only be done through a Club Car dealer using a code that the company sends directly to the CC dealer. You may be able to get speeds of up to 25MPH with this change. This may cost around $75. 2007 Club Car Precedent Running Slow

If you want to make your Club Car Precedent Faster here is a cheap, easy, and fast way to get more speed out of your golf cart. The cheapest way to make a Club Car Precedent have a higher and quicker top speed is to add a speed magnet to the electric motor body.. This video shows you how to replace and install a high speed motor magnet on a Club Car Precedent golf cart.

You can bypass the OBC on the cart and still use the 3 pin connector with a new style smart charger like the Lester Summit II 48 Volt Club Car Golf Cart Battery charger or you can use any handful of onboard smart chargers that you would just wire directly to the battery bank hence bypassing the OBC and the charge circuit. Pete’s team

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