How to get rid of gas pain after surgery?

Alta Hudson asked a question: How to get rid of gas pain after surgery?
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How to relieve gas after laparoscopic surgery?

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Managing Pain After Surgery

  1. Listen to music with headphones…
  2. While you're in bed: ...
  3. Try to start walking within 4 hours of your surgery…
  4. Drink mint or ginger tea.
  5. If you have shoulder or abdominal pain, ask a nurse for a hot pack to put on the painful area…
  6. Have quiet time (time alone in your room without interruptions).

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The surgery temporarily halts the normal muscular contractions of your intestines, which can lead to gas pains and bloating. Walking encourages your bowels to resume their normal activity, moving through gas and stool. Begin slowly and work up to your usual activity level, which typically takes 1 to 3 weeks.

Warm drinks help to stimulate gut motility which can help you to shift gas and relieve pain. Drinking a cup of warm water combined with a short walk can promote movement of gas through the bowel to help relieve gas pain. Solution 9: Drink Peppermint Tea Peppermint promotes gut motility and can be useful in alleviating post hysterectomy gas pain.

There are numerous advantages to walking after surgery, such as preventing embolism and digestive tract blockages. Walking motivates the peristaltic movement of the bowels, relieving gas and constipation, we also suggest massage for your legs. Other types of motion include pointing and flexing the toes and feet, and if you can, pulling the legs up to the chest and launching them. There are two typical types of gas pain that might happen after surgery.

Consuming a glass of warm water in combination of walking for a short distance can help you pass gas and relieve pain due to gas after abdominal surgery. You can also drink warm soups, broths, herbal teas, etc.

Walking is the most effective way to ease both intestinal and intraperitoneal gas pains. The motion of walking boosts the digestive tract’s motility, allowing accumulated gas to pass through. Individuals who went through a major operation have to take it easy. Don’t strain yourself. Start by walking slowly. You can move in bed to relieve gas.

If your gas is making you uncomfortable, apply a heat pack to your belly for 15 minutes at a time. Another way to deal with post-surgery gas is to sip some hot peppermint tea, which is known to relieve gas pain. You’ll also want to stay on a diet of liquids and soft foods for the first week after surgery since this will be easier to digest.

A Few Simple Rules: The most common cause of gas pains after abdominal surgery is GI dysfunction secondary to inflammation in the abdomen+/-anesthesia.The best thing to do is to limit narcotic pain medicine, which is known to worsen the gas pains.Also, don't push food until your appetite is normal. Lastly, try and be somewhat active--it's best not to stay in bed all day (for many reasons).I hope you feel better soon.

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