How to choose an electric guitar amplifier?

Demario Reichel asked a question: How to choose an electric guitar amplifier?
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What is the best guitar amplifier?

  • Fender Mustang GT100 2.0. The Fender Mustang GT100 offers some of the classic guitar amps and cabinets modeled to be realistic and incredibly detailed.

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The amplifier is one of these elements. It is useless to buy the most expensive or the best quality guitar on the market, if we do not have a suitable amplifier that can get the best out of it; that’s why, at MusicNexo, we have prepared a new purchase guide, this time on how to choose the best amplifier for electric guitar.

The amount of watts an amp has is what lets you know how powerful it is. Most beginner model amps will have lower ratings around 10 to 30 watts. Anything that is rated at 50 watts or higher is going to be plenty loud for you to play in a band with. You will usually see most amps max out at 100 watts.

When moving an amp from gig to gig, it’s quite common for them to get banged up a bit. Good corner protectors will add to the life of the guitar amp. Power and Speaker Size. The power rating and size of speaker you choose for your amp will depend to some degree on application and price.

Features To Look For In Electric Guitar Amplifiers. Speaker sizes - One of the main features to look for in an electric guitar amplifier is the speaker size. As a tip, the larger a speaker is, the stronger the bass notes it generates. On the flip side, small amplifiers are better suited for high frequencies.

There are two main categories of guitar amplifiers configurations: combo and head/cabinet. Combo (combination) amps combine the amplifier electronics with one or more speakers in a one-piece package. These are generally smaller, as combining a powerful head and a couple large speakers can quickly push an amp into the "weightlifter" category.

With a computer processor on board, many of these amps have a lot of effects on boards as well. Modeling amps can be a good choice for the reliability of solid state with the tone of tube amps. Line 6's Spider IV 15 is one of the best selling guitar amplifiers in the US and is an example of this type of amp. Tips

Get an amplifier. An electric guitar isn't much good without an amp, ... To choose an electric guitar, start by deciding what kind of body style you want. For example, a hollow body guitar is often used for playing jazz due to its warmer sounds, while a solid body is a go-to for rock and punk music.

In contrast, electric guitar amps are built to handle the compression and distortion that electric guitar players want from their instrument. Check your guitar. There are many kinds of acoustic guitar amplifiers, each with its own set of specs such as onboard effects and multiple inputs for mics and mobile devices.

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