How to charge electric car at home in india?

Arjun Raynor asked a question: How to charge electric car at home in india?
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Where do you go to charge an electric car?

  • There are two ways of charging electric vehicles. The charging process can be either done at home or at a specialized charging station. Some modern electric vehicles provide two methods of charging, regular charging which is compatible with household charger and the other is fast charging which could be used at charging station.

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Make this a paid service at lower rate, like 5 rupees per kWh + 20–30 rupees parking charge. Since it is a service, so GST must be there. When you have enough capital, you can start installation of AC fast chargers at parking areas. The costing is like parking fee + charging fee at 20- 30 rupees a kWh + GST for that.

“We have equipped every ZS EV with a five-way charging infrastructure, an onboard cable to charge anywhere and an AC fast charger that can be installed for charging at homes and offices. We are also establishing a strong, pan-India DC super-fast charging network that will be initially available at select MG showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

Cost of installing an electric car charging station at home. The cost of installing an electric car charging station at home comes around Rs 55000 to 200000 depending on the level of charger one wants to install and the electricity costs. For charging the electric car at home it is recommended to use the IEC 60309 Industrial connector from both ends to match with the minimal electricity costs in India.

It is an infrastructure that supplies electric energy to recharge an EV. You can charge an EV either at home, work or at some EV public charging stations or points. There are different types of charging stations, they are Rapid, Fast and Slow.

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