How to apply for carpool sticker for electric car?

Stacey Mraz asked a question: How to apply for carpool sticker for electric car?
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Are electric cars here to stay?

  • Electric cars are here to stay because of two four letter words: "CARB" and "CAFE". The Volt meets the 2025 CAFE standard today. Other than the Spark EV, everything else has a long way to go. A very long way to go.

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How to Apply for a CAV Decal Ensure your vehicle is on the CARB eligibility list by checking CARB's Carpool Stickers webpage or calling 1-800-242-4450. Provide all vehicle information at the top of the form. In section 1, provide your (the current registered owner's) name and address. In section 2, check:

Thanks to a new law, SB 957, that took effect January 1, 2020, lower income drivers can now apply for California carpool stickers for used electric cars. To qualify, a driver’s household needs to earn less than $65,777 a year (80% of California’s median income) and submit an application form along with proof of qualifying income.

If your electric car qualifies for a carpool sticker, you will need to complete an application document for the new CAV decal. The application form can be found in PDF format on the DMV website. Remember to include the vehicle’s data on your application form. Complete Section 1: Vehicle Registration Name and Address.

By driving an eligible clean air vehicle you can apply with the CA DMV to get a carpool sticker (Clean Air Vehicle Decal) that will allow you to be a solo driver in the HOV carpool lane. How to Apply for the Clean Air Vehicle Decal: Check that your vehicle is on the List of eligible vehicles for the Carpool Sticker

Move into carpool lanes by driving electric!A coveted benefit of electric vehicle (EV) driving is single-driver access to most HOV lanes throughout California.The Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) program is for drivers of qualifying vehicles that meet specified emissions standards set by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Currently, the ...

Electric Vehicles in HOV lanes on B.C. Highways - Drivers Drivers: Apply for a decal (or replacement decal) to drive in high occupancy vehicle lanes (HOV). The registration number and vehicle identification number (VIN) can be found on your ICBC Owner’s Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle License form.

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