How much power does an electric griddle use?

Gertrude Rippin asked a question: How much power does an electric griddle use?
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  • An average electric skillet uses 1500 watts (around 120 volts) to cook food at temperatures of 400+ degrees. Electric skillets and griddles run a range of as low as 1000 watts (for the lower end models) and upwards of 1800 watts for some of the higher rated appliances.

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How many watts does this griddle use? – Learn about Insignia™ - Electric Griddle - Black with 4 Answers – Best Buy Enjoy a safe, convenient shopping experience.

What Is An Electric Griddle? An electric griddle is a large flat top griddle with an electrical heating element in the middle, like your stove. It sits on the countertop and plugs into an electric outlet. Most electric griddles will heat up from 250° F to 450° F.

Comparing gas vs. electric grill cost efficiency, the average electric grill uses 1,250 watts. How much money you’re actually spending will depend on the rate you pay for electricity. It’s easier to determine the cost of your barbecuing if you’re using a propane grill because you know exactly how much you paid for the liquid propane at the store.

Your RV is wired so that all of the 110-VAC power (110 volts AC power) used inside the RV goes through the main breaker panel. These breakers are rated at different current limits to protect the equipment inside the RV, and thus prevent overloading of the RV’s electrical circuits and wiring.

Best Answer. Copy. I assume that you are asking about an average, household kitchen griddle. More counter-top kitchen appliances are rated in the 1,000 to 1,250 Watt range. Since Watts Watts ...

Table 1. Lifetime Savings for Efficient Electric Griddle Models; Performance: Best Available: ENERGY STAR: Less Efficient: Idle Energy Rate: 1,464 W: 1,920 W: 2,400 W: Annual Energy Use: 6,378 kWh: 7,604 kWh: 8,432 kWh: Annual Energy Cost: $557: $664: $736: Lifetime Energy Cost: $5,398: $6,435: $7,135: Lifetime Energy Cost Savings: $1,738* $700 =====

In the last few years, electric grills have became more energy efficient than ever before. On average in the U.S., a small indoor electric grill uses around 1400 watts of power, which costs about $0.17 per hour and $5.11 per month if you use it for 1 hour per day. So it’s relatively affordable considering you might not even use it everyday.

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