How much power does an electric car use?

Doris Cartwright asked a question: How much power does an electric car use?
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  • Your electric car requires 30 kWhs to go 100 miles on a fully charged battery. That would mean it costs $3.60 to charge a depleted battery, which works out to be $0.036 per mile or roughly 1/3 kilowatt-hour per mile (3.3 miles per kWh). But that's not the end of the calculation.
  • Going that many miles would require 341 kWhs for an EV that gets 3.3 miles per kWh. In this example, the electric car uses 341 kWhs a month for a total cost of $41 in electricity. Of course, this is a very straightforward example. In the real world, there are a lot of variables that can affect the electricity usage and rate that is paid.

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The consumption of electric cars depends on the model and the manufacturer. Most of the ...

An average electric car consumes approximately 0,20 kWh/km. On favourable weather conditions the consumption can be even 0,15 kWh or less, but year-around average in most countries is closer to 0,2 kilowatthours.

And what are the average power requirements for the average motor that is used in a converted electric vehicle? Hi, Aaron - In DC electric car conversions, with very simple inexpensive controllers, 6v batteries conserve battery power better than higher voltage batteries, so your range ends up being longer with 6v batteries.

In contract, most vehicle manufacturers limit the current drawn from a standard domestic 3 pin socket to 10A or less, which equates to a maximum of 2.3kW. A 7kW home charger therefore delivers approximately three times as much power and is approximately three times as fast as using a domestic socket.

Most electric cars can be plugged into a regular (120-volt) outlet, but you'll be much better off using a higher-voltage charger because your charging rate will be woefully slow. For example, a...

TIP: click on a vehicle to show full data. Select a cheatsheet: Acceleration Battery Useable Energy Consumption Range Top Speed Towing Weight. Average. 195 Wh/km. Lightyear One. 104. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. 147.

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