How much does it cost to fit a flueless gas fire?

Hillary Ferry asked a question: How much does it cost to fit a flueless gas fire?
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Flueless Gas Fire Cost

Flueless gas fires are designed to work without any sort of flue and often use catalytic converters to change the gas combustion products into harmless vapour which can be safely vented into the room. The price can range between £500-£1,000.

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Taking the average removal cost of £75 for the fire, £350 for the hearth and surrounds, and £1,300 for the chimney, the total cost to remove all parts of your gas fire is £1,725. As the most expensive part, it’s clear removing chimneys is no easy feat. You can learn more about how these costs are worked out in our chimney removal cost guide.

Your room should be at least 30 cubic metres to be able to install a flueless gas fire. For a room this size, an output of 2.5kW should be sufficient. There is a good selection of flueless fireplace styles available for you to choose from. A flueless inset gas fire can be fitted in an existing chimney cavity, or built into your wall.

Cost; Gas fire fit : 1-2 hours : £50-£100 : Remove gas fire and install flueless ...

A flueless gas fire uses gas that is inexpensive with the lowest kW per hour price. This kind of appliance is very cheap to run and could costs as little as 9p per hour for a 2.0kw flueless fire. As a flueless gas fire doesn’t have a chimney or any flue pipes there are lower costs to install this type of appliance.

All gas fires must be installed by a Gas Safe or RGII registered gas engineer. Flueless fires are very popular with fitters as they are relatively simple to install and can be fitted in a fraction of the time it takes to fit a conventional gas fire. An annual service by a Gas Safe /RGII engineer is recommended to ensure you get the best performance from your fire and validates your manufactures guarantee. Minimum room size for your flueless fire

With a gas fire, especially with decorative fuel effect gas fires an air vent is required, usually if its over 7.1 kw input, if its under that it probably wont require an air vent. The manufacturers instructions will detail the requirements. Secondly, do flueless gas fires need servicing? Flueless fires are as safe as any gas appliance.

AVG. COST DURATION; Install gas fire - fit only: £150 - £300: 1-2 hours: Remove gas fire ...

The average engineer will usually charge around up to £200 per day in labour charges with the job of fitting a gas fire usually taking from 2-3 hours. The price charged by an engineer will depend on the model of the gas fire as well as any extra work required, such as piping.

We had a flueless fire fitted about four years ago. we did it because we would have needed a whole new flue on the roof as well as a new gas fire. the old one got condemned. so we opted for flueless and it has been great. we had an air vent fitted into the floor in a corner to allow for ventilation through the air brick under the floor. it is an excellent fire and really attractive. and servicing has been an absolute doddle. costs between £50 and £75 a year for a corgi engineer ...

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