How much does electric blanket cost to run nz?

Kian Murphy asked a question: How much does electric blanket cost to run nz?
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ApplianceTypical power use (watts)Cost
Electric blanket - double (min / max)80 / 2002 - 5c /hour
Electric blanket - single (min / max)40 / 1501 - 4c /hour
Fan2005c /hour
Hair dryer160041c /hour

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Cost; Computer and CRT monitor: 200: 5c /hour: Computer and LCD monitor: 150: 4c /hour: Dehumidifier (min / max) 200 / 400: $1.23 - $2.46 /24 hours: Vacuum cleaner: 1100: 28c /hour: Digital alarm clock: 8: 5c /day: DVD: 20: 0.5c /hour: Electric blanket - double (min / max) 80 / 200: 2 - 5c /hour: Electric blanket - single (min / max) 40 / 150: 1 - 4c /hour: Fan: 200: 5c /hour: Hair dryer: 1600: 41c /hour

Likewise, do electric blankets cost a lot to run? Generally electric blankets, which disperse heat through built-in wires, consume little energy. On average, they cost about four cents an hour, while some space heaters can cost. much more. In this manner, do electric blankets use a lot of electricity NZ?

In this scenario, both heaters are used for a short period of 30 minutes to 'pre-heat the room (or bed). 1,800 watt fan heater for half an hour = 0.9 kWh. 140 watt electric blanket for half an hour = 0.07 kWh. That's a reduction of over 90% in energy usage and cost!

And if you run a two-bar heater for five hours in the evening, it will cost almost $3, or more than $20 a week. "Generally 30 to 35 per cent of your power bill is space heating," says Auckland ...

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