How much does an electric bus charging station cost?

Mercedes Legros asked a question: How much does an electric bus charging station cost?
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  • The cost of a Level 2 charging station is typically around $1,000 all-in, which includes the equipment and installation cost. There are a range of Level 2 models (read our detailed EV charger model review) and costs, which we discuss below.

Who makes EV charging stations?

  • The one which is building the EV charging infrastructure is called RWE Effizienz . RWE claims to be the only company in Europe to manufacture various types of charging stations in-house, to install these stations in both public and residential spaces and operate them using a custom software solution as well as supply them with eco-electricity.

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Fast charging stations are quoted as costing between $1m and $2m each, depending on location, circumstances etc. A mid-range cost is used here. Ratio of one charger per every 3 battery buses based on the initial contracts issued by Mosgortrans (Moscow transport authority) in 2018

That breaks down to $7.2 million for the buses — at $900,000 each — and $80,000 each for four charging stations, plus another $80,000 to install the charging stations.

The baseline scenario invested in four BEBs and four depot chargers, received a grant of $1,500,000 (or $375,000 per bus with charger), and saw an NPV of $785,000 over the 12-year bus life.

The result shows that is probably most profitable to charge during the day, at end stations and selected bus stations, combined with depot charging. The grid connection cost is a significant part of the total costs, and should not be neglected. On the other hand, the total cost is relatively

While the initial cost of purchasing an electric bus isn’t cheaper than internal combustion engine (ICE) buses, they are becoming more affordable. There are a number of incentive programs in place that buyers can take advantage of that make electric buses the same cost to the city or district as a conventional bus.

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