How much does a gas pilot light cost?

Anibal Leannon asked a question: How much does a gas pilot light cost?
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A pilot light is a small flame that is kept lit and used as a catalyst for the main burner to be turned on. Natural gas is $0.60 a day, which is $219 a year, and is the average fuel consumption of your standing Pilot light. $657 a year is how much liquid propane is.

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From above, we see that my pilot light uses natural gas energy at a rate of 130 W. Over one day, this comes to about 11 MJ of energy… The cost of your gas is not $1.30, but about 1/2 that for ...

Guy worked out that 2 cubic ft of gas meant I have used £2.96 of gas in the 12 days :eek: when I queried this he explained that the pilot light would make the meter move..... get that, but £2.96 in 12 days equates to £90 over a 365 day year, for just running a pilot light!!!!!.....Is this right, do you think?

The easiest way to do so is to multiply that number by 9.9. So a pilot light uses anywhere from 594 (for 60 m³) up to 2475 kWh/year (for 250 m³). The rate you pay depends on the supplier you have signed up with, but setting out from a rounded average price of 0.06 €/kWh, you are looking at anywhere between 35 and 148 € a year.

There is a minimum service charge for gas here. The pilot light uses almost nothing. Even with the pilot light off I would still pay around $15 per month with my gas shut off. My total gas bill runs $25-$64 depending on the year, and thats with gas appliances (dryer, water heater, stove)

How much does it cost to run a gas fireplace pilot light? According to Anderson Fireplace, gas pilot lights use about 1,000 BTUs per hour. Based on the average cost of natural gas, this comes out to about $7 to $10 per month.

This can result from a temporary disconnection of the gas. Additionally, a pilot light can blow out over time. A plumber can help reignite the pilot light. They will charge you an hourly fee of $40 to $150. This is usually a fairly brief project, and may just take an hour. You may wish to save yourself a few dollars by relighting the pilot ...

So much to say, so little organization skills. First, it depends on the mechanism of your pilot light. (it sounds you’re talking about a gas furnace) Older systems had pilot gas taken after the furnace regulator. This gas “trickles” out of the tube and is burned off by the pilot light.

Generally speaking, a pilot light will burn around 5 to 12 therms of gas each month, depending on the appliance. This equates to about $11 to $26 per month for $2 per gallon propane. Don't want to do it yourself? Get free, zero-commitment quotes from furnace professionals near you.

At the time, I paid $1.30 per Therm, amounting to $14/month or about $170/yr just to run two pilot lights. That’s a lot of burritos, folks. More distressing was the comparison to our annual gas demand, which averaged 28 Therms/month, dropping to 15 Therms/month during the summer months.

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