How much do you tip for gas?

Rodrick Durgan asked a question: How much do you tip for gas?
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If you tip graciously enough you may even ask them to check your fluids and clean your Forward/Rear Windshields & side windows. Hint: Any tip less than $5 should be a free gift. However, $5 or more will get you full service.

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Just double the tax and round up. (If tax on a $47 tab is $4.70, your tip should be $10). Otherwise, simply divide the total by 10 ($47 divided by 10 equals $4.70—move the decimal point one place...

Gas station fill-up person: No tip needed if you’re in the last lonely state where you can’t pump your own gas. If you’ve chosen to use a gas attendant, tip $2-3 . Mechanic: No tip needed.

If you have the unfortunate experience of passing unwanted gas while in the presence of others, remember that although this is embarrassing it is not the end of the world. Everyone passes gas! It is helpful to keep in mind that no one will judge you based on what your body does. Just say “excuse me” and get on with your day.

But when extra service is rendered, some tipping may be in order— various guides suggest $1–2 for cleaning the windshields, and at least $5 for any work involving getting on the ground or checking under the hood. As etiquette authorities will note, tipping someone working in a service job is always appreciated, and never impolite.

This gas calculator is a handy tool for every driver who, when planning a trip, asks how much gas will I use? We prepared the gas estimator to help you find out how much fuel you will use on a car trip and how much it will cost you. Our gas cost calculator is versatile and offers more then other web-based fuel cost calculators (e.g. splitting the gas cost).

Are You Passing Too Much Gas? 6 Tips for Relieving Flatulence. Passing gas is natural and normal. But, if it’s affecting your quality of life or causing pain, there are steps you can take to ...

These workers make majority of their money on tips. Some getting paid as little as $2.50/hr. Do not forget to tip them correspondingly. A great gesture is giving extra money since the Christmas is close.

They average about $10 an hour, so with a $10 tip, you might just make their day. And when's the last time you made someone's day? Other than your mom the one time a year you remember to call her....

If you want to tip an attendant that does one or all of the above, go ahead and give them the following: $1 - $2 for pumping gas $5 for pumping gas and cleaning glass or checking fluids. But only if voluntarily offering. If you have to ask, $1 - $2 will do fine in my opinion. Mechanic: I would not, but it is up to you. Some people have special relationships with their mechanic. I take my car to the dealer all the time and those guys get paid very well, so I do not tip them.

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