How many electric vehicles have been sold?

Ruth Lakin asked a question: How many electric vehicles have been sold?
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In its latest report on the global electric vehicle market, Canalys estimates that during the first half (H1) of 2021, 2.6 million electric vehicles (EVs) were sold on a global basis, up 160% on H1 2020.

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By 2018 there were a total of 59,600 electric cars on Korean streets. Nearly 34,000 electric vehicles have been sold in 2018 in Korea. The market share of battery-electric and plugin-electric vehicles in Korea was 2.21%. [citation needed] Spain

Get in touch with us now, Jul 9, 2021 There were some 6.8 million battery electric vehicles in use globally in 2020. That year, more than three million new battery electric vehicles were added to...

Around 39,000 all-electric vehicles were delivered from January to June showing a 291.4% rise versus the corresponding period in 2020, including more than 19,000 units (+469.4%) of the EQA, EQC and EQV models.

Global Plug-in Vehicle Sales Reached over 3,2 Million in 2020 by Roland Irle, 2020 became a great year for plug-in vehicles, in the end. With only a few details still to be reported we are expecting global BEV+PHEV sales of 3,24 million, compared to 2,26 million for the year previous.

The IEA found that a record three million electric cars were registered across the world last year, 41% higher than in 2019. That trend has remained resolute into 2021 with 2.5 times as many ...

Basically, Ford has delivered only 6,614 electric vehicles up to fiscal 1Q 2021 or the period ended on March 31, 2021. Keep in mind that this sales figure was concluded based on my finding of Ford’s EV sales for the last 3 years or between fiscal 2018 and fiscal 2021.

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