How long will black gas pipe last underground?

Brant Willms asked a question: How long will black gas pipe last underground?
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There have been "black iron" pipes (actually steel pipes with the black oxide from the mill) in service underground for close to 100 years with little or no failure. Certainly there have been steel pipes with no protective coatings that have failed in one way or another with less than ten years in the ground.

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How do you run a natural gas line underground? How To Run Your Own Gas Line Underground. Purchase a mechanical permit to run gas line. Purchase PE pipe with risers and fittings. Dig your trench at least 18 inches deep. Cut and lay in your pipe with risers vertical and plumb. Pressure test pipe with air. Call for inspection and get approved. Connect ends of pipe to source and other gas lines.

If the pipes are placed in highly corrosive conditions, they often last from 50 to 100 years. Applications of black steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes Black steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes are the two most common types of pipes used for transporting liquid and gas.

Next came black pipe with a factory wrap,but joints had to be manually wrapped. Direct burial black pipe won't last long. Have seen leaks occur in as short as 1-2 years.

I would expect pipe from 60 or more years ago to be 'over-engineered' and contain higher quality metal. Black iron pipe lasts a very long time. I have no experience with boilers, but do have experience with fire sprinkler systems and pipe corrosion is a major concern.

In many areas of the country, black pipe is required for natural gas lines because of the way it is made. This kind of pipe is created as a long, continuous tube. JM Eagle indicates that this kind of pipe is also preferred because it is "lightweight, non-corrosive, available in coil lengths, and easy to install by heat fusion or mechanical fittings."

The short answer: Yes, all metals can corrode. If nothing ever touched the pipes, the cast iron could last for 75 or more years. But think about your sewer pipes. They are most likely being used every single day.

Estimated life span – 75 to 100 years Correctly installed reinforced concrete pipes can last for a lifetime. These pipes are manufactured using concrete made from cement, fly ash, aggregates, and water. (Read also: Why Reinforced Concrete Pipe is Ideal for Pipejacking.)

Re: Natural Gas Black Pipe Life Expectancy; Author: rsk (NJ) Thanks for your input packy. The meter is close to the house and then pipe runs through the garage to the utility closet. So were talking about a 12 -15 ft run if your include the branches to the furnace and HW heater. And like you said, any issue would likely be at the joints.

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