How is a digital electric meter read by a meter reader?

Jedidiah Bartell asked a question: How is a digital electric meter read by a meter reader?
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  • Unlike traditional analog electric meters, many digital meters transmit your meter reading wirelessly to the electric company via radio frequencies. This means that you will not have a meter reader come to your house to read your meter.

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In some styles of a digital meter, a passing service vehicle with the proper equipment can "read" the meter by a radio frequency signal emitted by the meter. Where a home or business is equipped with solar panels or wind-generator turbines that are sending power back into the energy grid, the digital meter will record the net usage.

If the dial to the right is not past zero, then the dial to its left should be read as the previous number. For the last number in the row, you’ll need to find out how your local electric company determines that number. Then keep that in mind each time you read your meter. Digital meters are even easier to read. They display the number itself.

To read a digital electric meter, read the series of large numbers near the center of your meter and write them down. How to read electric meter meralco . Meralco will perform a final inspection before installation of meter.

Reading a digital meter standard electronic meter. The digital meter will not transmit any data or information and a meter reader is still required to read your new meter on a monthly basis. Return to submit a meter reading . When reading an electric meter, read and write down the numbers as shown on the dials from right to.

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