How important is the discovery of electricity in anthem?

Abel Frami asked a question: How important is the discovery of electricity in anthem?
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With the discovery of electricity, Equality 7-2521 moves away from his musings on the state of his society and less frequently exhorts the Councils to forgive him… Such doubts allow us to witness the slow and gradual process of his leaving society.

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In chapter 11, the great discovery Equality makes is simply the word "I". And not just the word "I" but also self-respect and independence. He understands now that he, and no one else for that ...

The discovery of electricity is important to the development of independence. Honors: The Council sets strict laws against the individuality of all humans. they believe all man should act as one. To ensure this they have laws against being friends with others (p. 30), loving others(p. 30), talking to others , or even smiling at any time(p.29).

At first Equality 7-2521 says that he has discovered a new power that was previously unknown to any man. This power frightens him even though he believes it is a very important and potent force. Later, Equality 7-2521 concludes that electricity is the power of the sky, and that men in the Unmentionable Times had harnessed the power of the sky.

Summary. After countless nights of experimenting, Equality 7-2521 succeeds in harnessing the power of electricity to re-invent the electric light. It is light in a rudimentary form: A box of glass that glows when its wires are connected. This power can be harnessed to benefit society.

How important is this discovery of electricity?Describe 4 or 6 ways in which it would help society and make life easier or more enjoyable. Lights like bulbs instead of candles, electronics for enjoyment and communication, power tools for work and transportation

Equality 7-2521 is on his way to a discovery even more momentous than electricity. He moves painfully toward the realization that the independent mind is the highest value on earth and is capable of greater achievement than that dreamed of by the crowd of blind followers.

Equality 7-2521 discovers electricity. This would be a revolutionary discovery just as it was in our own history. Electricity would literally and figuratively bring light to his society. There would be little use for candles. Electricity would give rise to a host of inventions that can be powered by electricity.

In this chapter Equality discovers electricity. This is monumentally important because the discovery could herald the end of the New Dark Age in which Anthem is set. With this discovery, Equality could single-handedly herald an end to the darkness which has engulfed the Earth.

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