How hard is it to self teach electric guitar?

Clement Wolf asked a question: How hard is it to self teach electric guitar?
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Yes, it is certainly possible to learn guitar by yourself. Do ensure that you are using proper sources for your learning, though. Start doing your own thing next to emulating / exercises as soon as you can, but do stay open to learn from / copy (cover) what others are doing.

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How hard it is to learn guitar will ultimately depend on how efficient your practice is, how much time and work you put in and what resources you use, whether it be an in person guitar teacher or online guitar lessons. How difficult it is to learn guitar will also depend on your goals as a player.

I took one bass lesson when I first bought one, but didn't find much value in it. If you can learn a bit of theory while you practice technique, that will go a long way. To me, it's more important to know what you're playing rather than how you're playing it. Learn the major/minor scales and what a key is.

Alongside learning classical guitar (I have been playing for a few years) is the transition between electric and classical hard? Is it possible to self teach

Online guitar lessons are the way to go if you want to teach yourself guitar: Online lessons are cheap. Lots of lessons are free, and the better ones cost a few bucks per month. 0-24 hour access. You won’t need to schedule with a live teacher or travel anywhere. Always with you.

The difficulty and hardness of learning electric bass guitar depend on the methods chosen and also affect the time it takes to learn the electric bass guitar. HOME CLASSICAL

A2A How hard is it for a teenager who know nothing about music to self-teach electric guitar? If you stop and think about it a bit, you can’t teach yourself what you don’t know. Since you’re coming here via the internet, I know you’re not totally by yourself, like living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a guitar (and hopefully a fire-starter, rifle and a knife).

It just makes it a lot easier to communicate with other musicians, which is essential when it comes to teaching guitar lessons. Depending on the goal and level of the student, you should have music theory knowledge well above that of the student. You should be able to communicate that knowledge that is easily digestible for the level they are on.

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