How fast is a e500 electric scooter?

Olin Stark asked a question: How fast is a e500 electric scooter?
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The E500 speeds right up to about 13 to 14 mph quickly, then builds to its maximum speed of 17 mph at a more leisurely pace. Fifteen miles per hour feels faster on a scooter than on an e-bike, but it isn't all that fast, and I found it easy to maintain in comfort.

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The Model One (E500 version) now sports dual 250-watt motors and is quite fast — reaching 15 mph ...

The speed and power aren’t going to worry the makers of the Dualtron or other high power dual motor scooters, but the Unagi feels plenty strong for day to day commuting. A top speed of 17 mph (27...

Performance tests on the scooter show it takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 14.9mph. This is significantly faster than most of the 12 kg scooters in the market currently. The Model One E500 is electronically limited to a top speed of approximately 17 mph.

Enter the Unagi Model One — a lightweight electric scooter (26lbs/12kg) with a maximum power output of 1000W (for the E500) that folds with just the push of a button. The Unagi model one may not rank as one of the most powerful hill climbers or one of the baddest off-road electric scooters on the planet, however, the stylishly designed lightweight e-scooter can support up to 275lbs over 15.5 miles on a full charge.

What Is the Top Speed for Electric Scooters? The E250 (single electric motor, 250 watts): Ideal for flatter terrain, can handle up to 6-degree inclines (designed for... The E500 (dual motor, 500 watts): Designed for riding up hills, this powerful electric scooter packs additional torque...

Whether you’re meeting friends, or just cruising around, teen and adult riders will find big time thrills at speeds up to 15 mph (24 km/h).

Electric Scooter Speed by Model. Here is a list of some of the best electric scooter models and their maximum speed (from fastest to slowest): Outstorm MAXX 5000-watts: 60 miles per hour. Wolf Warrior: 50 miles per hour. Dualtron Ultra: 50 miles per hour. Dualtron Thunder: 50 miles per hour.

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