How far can 5 gallons of gas get you?

Mabelle Schulist asked a question: How far can 5 gallons of gas get you?
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Question Answered: How many miles can you drive with 5 gallons of gas? If you vehicle gets 7 miles per gallon, you will be able to go around 35 miles. If your vehicle gets 30 miles per gallon, you will be able to go around 150 miles.

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First click on what you are solving. In this case, you will be calculating MILEAGE. Let's suppose the distance traveled was 266.7 miles and the volume of gas used was 12.7 US gallons. If you input these numbers into the calculator, the answer will be 21 miles per US Gallon.

Hmmm, I’m not really sure…I’ve never sat down and calculated…okay, lets see..alright I get right at 105–110 miles from my 1.3 gallon tank, so around 80 mpg…hmm 8 times 5.. carry the 4…and then add a zero, equals 400

1 Expert Answer You have the total amount of gas–15 gallons. You have the information in the problem to find the amount of gas consumed. The car can go 32 miles before consuming a full gallon of gas and it traveled 384 miles. So if you divide the 384 miles by 32 miles per gallon, you are left with the gallons consumed.

This figure represents the average mpg you should expect from your vehicle. Multiply the average mpg figure from Step #6 by the gas tank capacity from Step #2. For example, assume your vehicle's gas tank can hold 20 gallons of gas. 23 x 20 = 460 miles. This figure represents the distance you can expect to go in your vehicle on a tank of gas.

How far can you actually drive on those last few gallons of gas? Let’s be honest, we’ve all waited a little too long to fill our gas tank after we’ve hit empty. Some of us have been lucky ...

So depending on how many miles you get per gallon, you can probably go anywhere between 30-60 miles. Another factor to consider is the kind of traffic you’re in, because stop-and-go traffic and high speeds will lower your miles per gallon compared to open highway driving.

If you track your gas usage you can evaluate your vehicle's fuel economy. This is how to calculate your mpg or your km/l yourself. Fill up your tank with fuel before you start a long trip or the block of time you want to track.

Cost of gas Every car user spends money on gas. It is one of the most noticeable vehicle-related expenses. You can drive a car which has old tires, but without a full fuel tank, you will not travel far. So, it is evident that ...

Example: If I rode 150 miles, and it took 3.2 gallons of gas to fill my tank back up, then I calculate: 150 miles ÷ 3.2 gallons used = 46.8 mpg How to Improve Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Efficiency Now that you know a little more about what effects the distance you can ride on a tank of gas, there are some things you can do to increase your miles per gallon, and get more miles between fill ups.

Oct 6, 2015. #2. Don't think you need to worry, gas sippers. and if your doing milage it all depends on how you ride and fall, as gas will be lost on a fall. I can putt the kids around on a 150 for about 50 miles on a tank. If you worry, there is reserve, and you can pack a couple bottles for insurance.

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